Quotes From The Pages

“Do not be afraid for I am with you.”

“I only wish to be more carefree. That is all I miss from my younger years.”

“Parenthood. The worst and best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“The memories are within you. Let go of the stuff so you can be free to fly.”

“Go to the woods. Breathe. Look around and breathe.”

“If it was as simple as just taking care of their needs it wouldn’t be so bad. If I had no needs it would all go off without a hitch. There in lies the problem.”

“Maybe I would drive myself mad if my children didn’t.”

“Heal your body. Get outside. Ask for help. Sleep. Keep it simple. Write your pages. Meditate. Pray. Forgive. Be gracious. Keep breathing.”

“Be kind. Be patient. Be humble.”

“Put on some make-up and a dress, sometimes.”

“Hear your husband. See him. Enjoy him. Appreciate him. Trust him.”

“Hear your children. See them. Hug them. Ask them questions.”

“Let goodness flow through you.”

“Follow your dreams. Bring your family with you.”

“Time is fleeting. Keep breathing. They need you more now than they ever will again.”

“Hold onto those who inspire you. Make time for what matters.”

“Give grace. Always grace. Abundant grace.”

“Read. Write. Be quiet.”

“Better late than never, right? Better at all than all at once?”

“Let go. Stop caring. Be brave.”

“Can you hear when it is this loud? Or is the real noise coming from within? Where you go, there you are!”

“Dreams. Do we each have a right, an obligation even, to follow them? Do we deserve them? Does it matter?”

“Be kind. Be kind. Above all, be kind.”

“Pursue wisdom. Share it when you find it.”

“Fill your well so others can drink from it.”

“Stop trying so damn hard. Stop chasing it. Don’t forfeit. Relax. Don’t give up, open up. Let it come to you.”

“Keep the essential. Let the rest go.”

“Pull it up by the roots or it will keep growing back.”

“You are the homemaker. You make the home.”

“I live in a material world but I am not a material girl.”

“A creative life is a life well spent.”

“Find your Creator by creating.”

“Get outside.”

“The story of Creation is everywhere.”

“So much joy in a well told story.”

“Freedom. Is there freedom here on Earth? What does it look, sound, feel like? What stories does it tell us? What does it do to us? How do we find it? Is freedom the absence of bondage? What binds? Clutter, pain, fear, lies and over-commitment create bondage.”

“The ideas are there just waiting for a collaborator.”

“Plan for the worst. Hope for the best.”

“Meditate on the good things.”

“There is a solution to every problem. We just have to find it.”

“So much pain. So much growth. Growing pains?”

“Take care of mama so mama can take care of you.”

“This too shall pass.”

“All there can be is grace. Let it cover you. Let it pour out of you.”

“Listen. Lead by doing.”

“Ask for wisdom. Seek out knowledge.”

“Forget originality. Just be authentic. Forget passion. Just be curious. Forget a masterpiece. Just do. Forget what people think. Trust the process.”

“It was the best of times and the worst of times. My gosh, that has been true so often.”

“What other life would I choose? Truth is, I wouldn’t. So where does that thought come from? Boredom. Exhaustion. Burn out. Restlessness. Insecurity. Exhaustion. An introvert in need of solitude.”

“Write drunk. Edit sober.”

“Pain is all consuming. How do people go on?”

“Can one will oneself to stay buoyant?”

“So many metaphors in this surgery situation. I voluntarily showed up at a place that would make my pain a thousand times worse before it could be a hundred times better. I invited the pain with the belief that it would deliver me freedom and youthfulness and mobility. Growing pains. We pursue what we believe in even when we know it will get worse before it gets better.”

“What will I create this week? Because I must.”

“Intentionality. Response over reaction.”

“Living a creative life means living a life that is governed more by curiosity than fear.”

“I want to be free, free of pain and fear. Is that all that holds us back?”

“The lies thrive in the dark. They look like huge monsters in the shadows. Bring them out into the light. Speak them. Write them. Acknowledge them and watch them diminish.”

“I am learning a new vocabulary. There is more to learn.”

“In your weakness I am made strong.”

“Goodness and mercy will follow me.”

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”

“Running. Dancing. Both are liberating. Maybe that is why I love them both so much?”

“Are we all worthy to dream? If we were, how much would that change?”

“Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source.”

“Never in a million years did I think one year of recovery would turn into five.”

“I have come so far and I don’t want to go back.”

“Go to the water. Go to the mountains. Go to the woods. Find your tribe and spend time with them. Put yourself in the way of beauty.”

“Keep talking. Keep planning. Keep dreaming. Keep learning. Keep reading. Keep writing.”

“Keep your mind open. Find your center. Find your zen.”

“Write it down. Think your thoughts. Write them down.”