Last summer we went west…this summer we go north!

Those of you who know me well, know I am a wanderer at heart. A wanderer and a wonderer. Maybe it's all of those road trips we took when I was a kid. Maybe I was born this way. Maybe we'll never know. What we do know is that some of our best and most … Continue reading Last summer we went west…this summer we go north!

Sorting Memories

Chaz and I are in Texas today. We flew in last night, will be here tomorrow as well and fly home Sunday evening. We started the day with breakfast tacos and coffee, chatting and reading the paper around my mother-in-law's round table. And then my skin, my shoulders, my face called to the warmth of … Continue reading Sorting Memories

Goals for 2017

We are nearing the end of January and I still haven't written about my goals for this year. I don't really like calling them goals...maybe plans or visions or intentions would be more accurate? Whatever you call them, here is what I have in mind for this year: Exercise: -Be intentionally active every day. (This … Continue reading Goals for 2017

Roadtrips, School Dates and Tennessee Sunsets

Some random thoughts and happenings from today... Meadow and I had our Thursday "school date" today. G was at tutorial, C and H were with Sister. We went to the library to study, grabbed a few needed items at Target, ate a late lunch at Panera and talked each other's ear off the whole time. … Continue reading Roadtrips, School Dates and Tennessee Sunsets