Goals for 2017

We are nearing the end of January and I still haven't written about my goals for this year. I don't really like calling them goals...maybe plans or visions or intentions would be more accurate? Whatever you call them, here is what I have in mind for this year: Exercise: -Be intentionally active every day. (This … Continue reading Goals for 2017

From Sheltered to Shattered to Wholehearted

I've been thinking about the book I want to write someday. The book would begin with my childhood. An idyllic childhood. Sheltered, too religious maybe, but one I remember as peaceful and happy, full of books and family, movies and roadtrips, love and laughter. The book would describe how I was a marble during those … Continue reading From Sheltered to Shattered to Wholehearted

Roadtrips, School Dates and Tennessee Sunsets

Some random thoughts and happenings from today... Meadow and I had our Thursday "school date" today. G was at tutorial, C and H were with Sister. We went to the library to study, grabbed a few needed items at Target, ate a late lunch at Panera and talked each other's ear off the whole time. … Continue reading Roadtrips, School Dates and Tennessee Sunsets

Monday Moments

-Haven picking out her own clothes now that her dresser is reorganized. Always fun to see what she will piece together each day. -Listening to The Power of Vulnerability on my way into town this morning. -Having an almost twelve year who will babysit her siblings and an aunt and Honey next door to keep … Continue reading Monday Moments