Sorting Memories

Chaz and I are in Texas today. We flew in last night, will be here tomorrow as well and fly home Sunday evening. We started the day with breakfast tacos and coffee, chatting and reading the paper around my mother-in-law's round table. And then my skin, my shoulders, my face called to the warmth of … Continue reading Sorting Memories

From Sheltered to Shattered to Wholehearted

I've been thinking about the book I want to write someday. The book would begin with my childhood. An idyllic childhood. Sheltered, too religious maybe, but one I remember as peaceful and happy, full of books and family, movies and roadtrips, love and laughter. The book would describe how I was a marble during those … Continue reading From Sheltered to Shattered to Wholehearted

A Few Words Before I Sleep

I said I would write every day and I have, I think, until today. So here are a few words before I sleep.  My head is noisy. I have a lot of kids. I struggle to be gracious. I struggle to love unconditionally.  I get depressed after three days of sickness and now it's been … Continue reading A Few Words Before I Sleep

In A Nutshell

I will remember 2016 as the year... ...One Thousand Gifts and Big Magic taught me to rest and to dream, to be present and free and alive.   ...I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and spent five months purging piles, boxes, drawers, closets, cabinets and shelves of stuff. ...I had an MRI that showed I needed hip surgery to appease the … Continue reading In A Nutshell