God, grant me the courage.

The freedom to choose. Courage. Or fear. I think when love shows up, it is courage that drives it. I think when hate shows up, it is always, always, always fear beneath those layers. I think we can know what is driving us at any particular moment because‚Ķ Fear says NO. While courage says yes. … Continue reading God, grant me the courage.

From Sheltered to Shattered to Wholehearted

I've been thinking about the book I want to write someday. The book would begin with my childhood. An idyllic childhood. Sheltered, too religious maybe, but one I remember as peaceful and happy, full of books and family, movies and roadtrips, love and laughter. The book would describe how I was a marble during those … Continue reading From Sheltered to Shattered to Wholehearted

The Broken Places

‚ÄčLast night I wrote about the broken places. I don't always write about the broken places. Sometimes I write about things I find interesting or funny or thought provoking. But last night it was the broken places. And you know what came to me? After the writing, that is. You.  You showed up, as people … Continue reading The Broken Places