An Artist’s Prayer

O Great Creator, We are gathered together in your name That we may be of greater service to you And to our fellows. We offer ourselves to you as instruments. We open ourselves to your creativity in our lives. We surrender to you our old ideas. We welcome your new and more expansive ideas. We … Continue reading An Artist’s Prayer


God, grant me the courage.

The freedom to choose. Courage. Or fear. I think when love shows up, it is courage that drives it. I think when hate shows up, it is always, always, always fear beneath those layers. I think we can know what is driving us at any particular moment because… Fear says NO. While courage says yes. … Continue reading God, grant me the courage.

From Sheltered to Shattered to Wholehearted

I've been thinking about the book I want to write someday. The book would begin with my childhood. An idyllic childhood. Sheltered, too religious maybe, but one I remember as peaceful and happy, full of books and family, movies and roadtrips, love and laughter. The book would describe how I was a marble during those … Continue reading From Sheltered to Shattered to Wholehearted

Speaking of Creativity…

I spent most of my life thinking the only purpose of creativity was the product. Now I understand there is value in the process. I have spent most of my adult years believing that devoting  my time to creativity was selfish. Now I understand it is spiritual. Once upon a time I thought there were creative … Continue reading Speaking of Creativity…

Curiosity. Creativity. Connection. Compassion.

If I could live anywhere, it would be in close proximity to curiosity, creativity, connection and compassion. I believe every great thing is born out of unbridled curiosity, creativity, connection and compassion. Every invention, every great book, every great love story, every act of kindness and generosity seems to originate from the 4Cs. Imagine the … Continue reading Curiosity. Creativity. Connection. Compassion.