Maine Bound (Day 1 & 2)

It's a semi-charmed kinda life... I've decided to write about the highlights and the lowlights. Because I don't want to give any wrong impressions. Because for those of you following this adventure along, I want you to know that most times with four kids are the best of times and the worst of times whether … Continue reading Maine Bound (Day 1 & 2)

My Grandmother: Mother of 6. World Traveler. Poker Player. Storyteller. Survivor.

When I was a child I thought all grownups were the same. Some were a little nicer and friendlier than others, but in general, I assumed that becoming an adult was like everyone getting the same degree or putting on the same costume. I believed crossing the threshold into adulthood meant knowing all of the … Continue reading My Grandmother: Mother of 6. World Traveler. Poker Player. Storyteller. Survivor.

Food for Thought (Week 5)

Beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking words from the internet this week. This weekly Food for Thought post has motivated me to look for the good on the internet. It has restored my hope and belief that goodness is always there, waiting for us to find it. Week 5 Articles: The 2017 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge   … Continue reading Food for Thought (Week 5)

Speaking of Creativity…

I spent most of my life thinking the only purpose of creativity was the product. Now I understand there is value in the process. I have spent most of my adult years believing that devoting  my time to creativity was selfish. Now I understand it is spiritual. Once upon a time I thought there were creative … Continue reading Speaking of Creativity…

Curiosity. Creativity. Connection. Compassion.

If I could live anywhere, it would be in close proximity to curiosity, creativity, connection and compassion. I believe every great thing is born out of unbridled curiosity, creativity, connection and compassion. Every invention, every great book, every great love story, every act of kindness and generosity seems to originate from the 4Cs. Imagine the … Continue reading Curiosity. Creativity. Connection. Compassion.