Food for Thought (Week 10)

Radical Empathy may be my new favorite phrase. I am learning so much in this season. Many thanks to the writers, the seekers, the gatherers of information and story and ideas; my heart and mind are expanding because of you. This world is made more beautiful through your effort. My gratitude for this journey runs deep.

Week 10 Articles:

Colum McCann’s Radical Empathy

How to Avoid Being an Ass While Telling the Truth 

What we neglect when the children are young


Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world

Family Vacations Serve as ‘Happiness Anchors’ for Kids Until They Grow Up

Week 10 Audio/Video:

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History: Ghosts of the Ostfront (episodes 27-30)


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