God, grant me the courage.

The freedom to choose.


Or fear.

I think when love shows up, it is courage that drives it.

I think when hate shows up, it is always, always, always fear beneath those layers.

I think we can know what is driving us at any particular moment because…

Fear says NO.

While courage says yes.

Fear sinks below.

While courage rises above.

Fear holds on.

While courage releases.

Fear keeps us blinded.

While courage illuminates a path.

Fear accuses.

While courage grants grace.

Fear yells louder.

Courage quietly listens.

Fear incites panic.

Courage enables calm.

Fear takes.

Courage gives.

Fear grips.

Courage surrenders.

Fear consumes.

Courage creates.

Fear robs us of our peace.

Courage leads to peace.

Fear hides.

Courage can stand to be seen.

Fear makes life feel meaningless.

While courage gives meaning.

Fear is a thief and a liar.

Courage tells the truth.

God, grant me the courage…


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