Food for Thought (Week 8)

This week I’ve been pondering why I take the time to share these links. In part it feels like a paying forward. When I find what I consider good content it only feels right to share. But it is more than that. Why do I share these links? Because I believe exposure to new ideas and a well told story has the potential to increase our empathy and our empathy has the power to change the world. And I believe our frame of reference has the power to change our world. Or in the words of Brene Brown and the folks at Invisibilia,

Brene Brown:

“Brown asserts that empathy and shame are on opposite ends of a continuum. Shame results in fear, blame (of self or others), and disconnection. Empathy is cultivated by courage, compassion, and connection, and is the most powerful antidote to shame. Brown references Theresa Wiseman’s four defining attributes of empathy:

  • to be able to see the world as others see it

  • to be nonjudgmental

  • to understand another person’s feelings

  • to communicate your understanding of that person’s feelings

  • Brown defines empathy as a skill, and so she stresses actively practicing giving and receiving empathy.”


“It’s not your objective situation that determines your happiness, it’s this invisible frame of reference that you carry in your head, a frame of reference that you don’t even know consciously that you’re using but you are using it and it filters your experience of the world and how you are feeling.
Turns out 90 minutes is enough to unsettle a life. Because all you need to do to unsettle a life is expose it to a new frame of reference.”

So with all that in mind…

Week 8 Articles:

My Own Life

A Mother’s Mental Health is EVERYTHING, So Stop Ignoring Yours

How to speak up for yourself

On Being “Original”

Our Moments with the Lava Hose 

Week 8 Podcasts:

Actually this week I have two TED Talks to share instead of two podcasts. These are well worth a watch.

Can A Divided America Heal?

Our Story of Rape and Reconciliation

I hope you will check out these links, share them if they connect with you and comment to let me know your thoughts.

We incrementally, and often without noticing, become what we consume.


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