Sorting Memories

Chaz and I are in Texas today. We flew in last night, will be here tomorrow as well and fly home Sunday evening.
We started the day with breakfast tacos and coffee, chatting and reading the paper around my mother-in-law’s round table.

And then my skin, my shoulders, my face called to the warmth of the Texas sun so I walked out the back door, onto the deck and around the yard, admiring the bursts of color around every turn- the blue sky, the green of the palm trees, the stark white of the occasional cloud, the deep blue green of the water, the pink blooms spilling across the deck, the bright yellow sun filling the morning with it’s warmth, it’s light.

The breeze tousled my hair as I mosied, reminding me to find a hair clip for the task that lay before us.

We spent every hour, until our bellies called for dinner, sorting and inspecting and reminiscing. The garage showed progress by the end of the day. Tomorrow Chaz will finish sorting his dad’s tools and one day, perhaps not too long from now, we will sort the boxes of notes and pictures we found in the piles, in the corners of a room that had not been touched in a while.

Delicious Italian food for dinner. A short walk and a glimpse of the ocean. A big sky sunset. And a Texas rodeo for our post-dinner entertainment.

We spent the day sorting memories, the night making new ones. We sorted through emotions as well as boxes.

Side by side, we saw the past, absorbed the present, spoke of the future. 

Time is a heck of a thing, is it not?

Tomorrow we go to the ocean. The sound of the waves will roll over us. The sun will warm our shoulders once again. We will bury our toes in the sand. And breath in the salty air that lives by the sea.


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