10 Things I Learned From 31 Days of Blogging

I decided at the beginning of this year to blog every day in January. I wanted to see what that would feel like, what I would learn and what that would produce. Here are ten things I learned from that experience.
1. I am more productive when I have structure. Even if it is self-imposed structure. Only one other time have I written as much as I wrote this month and that was last summer when I committed to writing three pages a day, every day for twelve weeks.

2. I need time for certain thoughts to marinate. I noticed that blogging every day meant that most of my posts were shorter and that my more complex thoughts and ideas never made it out of my head and onto the “paper”.

3. Writing every day is really good for my heart and my head. Keeps me processing. Prevents me from growing stagnant, stuck, depressed, bitter. It is therapeutic.

4. Blogging and journaling are two different animals. I do my best to blog honestly and authentically but it still requires some polishing, editing, etc. I need journaling in my life too, stream of consciousness writing helps keep my head clear of the ruckus.

5. Blogging every day for a month was a challenge and forced me to look at my day differently. It required commitment and discipline, focus and remembering.Β Many days I did it right before bed, because I am a procrastinator or sometimes because I plum forgot before that. It also required me to dig into my brain and heart and find something I felt was worth sharing.

6. Committing to daily blogging and weekly Food for Thought posting motivated me to pursue and consume thought-provoking content. I found myself choosing to read or write or listen to podcasts instead of scroll social media, sleep or watch TV or movies…

7. I am an introvert and I crave solitude. Actually, I already knew that part, what I am learning is I also specifically crave time to read and write in solitude. Taking the time to do this fills my cup to overflowing.

8. I also love quality time with loved ones though and dynamic conversation (especially with idea-generators, avid learners and seekers and creators and people who disagree with me and are willing to have a respectful conversation about the topics we disagree about). Those things inspire me and give me ideas and experiences I am excited to write about.

9. I need to sleep more. I get so excited about ideas and books and writing and I choose those over sleep. I kind of already knew this one too but man this month has made that so evident.

10. And lastly, I love reading and writing but I have a newfound interest in podcasts. I love them and I want to learn how to do them! So that is on my list of things to learn and pursue. I will keep you posted on that! ☺

What is one challenge you have done every day for a month or two or three? How did it change you? What did you learn from it??


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