Roadtrips, School Dates and Tennessee Sunsets

Some random thoughts and happenings from today…

Meadow and I had our Thursday “school date” today. G was at tutorial, C and H were with Sister. We went to the library to study, grabbed a few needed items at Target, ate a late lunch at Panera and talked each other’s ear off the whole time. Love school dates with Meadow. ❀

(This picture was taken over a year ago but it was the only one I could find of just me and her. She is much taller and more grown-up now!)

There is a four mile loop behind my parent’s property (a.k.a our current residence). It is gorgeous and quiet and mostly flat with just the right amount of hill. I love it. I ran/walked it today with my audiobook playing the whole time. Soul food.

I made a taco bar for dinner. It was delicious. I am not, by any measure, especially domestic, so homemade, whole-food dinners are an accomplishment of which I always feel particularly proud. ☺

I read a bit of In Cold Blood, Traveling Mercies and Motherhood in Bondage throughout the day today. I would describe In Cold Blood as difficult, tragic and masterful. Traveling Mercies as funny, heartwarming, and liberating. And Motherhood in Bondage as fascinating, thought-provoking and informative. Books have rocked my world more than any other medium, guys. I cannot recommend them enough.

After the kids went to bed, Hubs and I enjoyed some Jack Honey and Jon Stewart.

The Jon Stewart interview is well worth a watch and reminded me of parts of this talk, also well worth a watch:

And lastly for today, last summer we drove to Montana. It was an unbelievable trip and one that rewrote aspects of our family, our story and our future forever. It is a trip we continually and regularly discuss and reference and one that, in part, has inspired us to roadtrip to Maine this summer! Tonight we spent some time talking through our trip. We are planning to hit a few of the spots in this book along the way. πŸ˜„

All in all, amazing day filled with beautiful weather, a beautiful sunset, beautiful people and beautiful words. And thanks to Brene Brown, I was able to dwell in it with gratitude and collect my moments of joy for when I need them most.

So grateful.


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