Speaking of Creativity…

I spent most of my life thinking the only purpose of creativity was the product.

Now I understand there is value in the process.

I have spent most of my adult years believing that devoting  my time to creativity was selfish.

Now I understand it is spiritual.

Once upon a time I thought there were creative people. Now I know that is redundant. We are all creative.

I am learning that creativity heals.

I am learning that creativity teaches.

I am finding my Creator by creating.

I am finding that creativity can bring purpose and meaning when all feels lost.

Creativity is rewriting what was erased for me long ago.

It has been an important part in piecing together my shattered heart. Like a mosaic.

If you would like to learn more about how creativity can change your life and how it has changed mine, please contact me. Or read The Artist’s Way, Big Magic and The Power of Vulnerability. Or both!

I had no idea how powerful creativity could be. I am learning.

I am learning.


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