What Do You See When You Stand in the Light?

​I have this image in my head for what it means to be centered, grounded.

If Love and joy and peace and wisdom and God are the sun and I am the Earth then to be centered is to orbit the sun.

There are things in my life that keep me in orbit. There are things in my life that send me crashing off course, into the darkness, bouncing off every moon and asteroid and other planet I touch.

I think being centered feels like being held. I think it is what is happening in the moments when life makes sense.

I think being grounded is when the shame gremlins fall silent and I relax into the gentle waters of grace and contentment and purpose.

Losing center is a miserable, terrifying, pitchblack feeling. Losing center is losing sight of the sun. Losing center is when the pain and fear and loneliness set in, screaming at me, pounding away at my soul like a jackhammer.

The sun does not scream or pound.

The sun is calm. Quiet. Steady.

There are practices I have found that consistently bring me back to center, back to ground.

Adequate sleep.

Walking. Running. Hiking. Yoga.

A few hours of solitude.


Reading a good book.

Connecting with a trusted friend.


Being creative.

Spending quality time with my husband and children.

Being in nature.


Fresh air.

Big sky.

The sun.

The sunlight. The source. Giver of life. Giver of nourishment, so we may grow. Illuminating our path. Illuminating beauty. Calling us to step out of the shadows. And into the light.

What practices keep you centered? 

What do you see when you stand in the light?


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