Quotes from the Humans Who Live in My House

I collect quotes. I have dozens (hundreds?) written in notebooks, on scraps of paper and on notes in my phone. Here are a few of my favorite from the humans who live in my house.


Chaz: When we go on a roadtrip who makes the plan?

Kids: Mama.

Chaz: No. Mama has the dream. Daddy has the plan. Mama says things like, “I want to go to Florida…”


Granite: He wouldn’t be like that. He would be happy but he wouldn’t be so excited. Kids don’t really like things changing. I mean no one does really. Kids want things to stay the same. I’m trying to think how to say it. You love something. And then if you change it you have to learn to love it again.


Canyon: Did you know that God isn’t a person. He’s a God.


Micah: Why are there so many churches? Shouldn’t there just be one that’s big enough for the town? Instead of building another one and another one and another one?…


Canyon: (about The Lego Movie song “Everything is Awesome”) Everything is not awesome. Everything is not cool. Like getting sick. Getting hiccups. So why are they saying that?


Canyon: (about the movie Home Alone) That’s why I want a family. Because I don’t want to lose my mom. I want to be with my mom.

This is not my favorite movie. Because it’s scary. That’s why I don’t really like it.

I would not call my mom a dummy.

I don’t want them to kill him.

I don’t like the movie Haven picked.


Me: You are my little sunshine you know that?

Canyon: No, I am your big sunshine


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