Speaking of Vulnerability…

My head is full of Brene thoughts today and I just found this on a note in my phone from last April:

I think sharing dreams feels scary because once you speak them you can’t unspeak them. You can change them I suppose, but you can’t exactly take them back. And once you share a dream you kind of feel like you should do the dream. And what if the dream turns out to be not exactly doable?

I think dreams radiate from the very essence of who we are so if we share our dreams and people think our dream is stupid or extravagant or misguided, then in a way they think we are stupid or extravagant or misguided. I think dreams come from our most vulnerable places and that makes them one of the hardest things about ourselves to share. 

Those of you who know me well, know I am a dreamer. It is an exciting and very impractical thing to be (just ask my husband).

Are you a dreamer? What’s one dream you have been afraid to speak out loud?

I want to hear your dreams, friends. I hope we never, ever stop dreaming. ❤


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