Building Bridges

My plan was to write about our new house today. But things so rarely go according to plan. 

(Or is that just me and my life? No? Yes? Ahem.) 


Maybe I will write about that on Tuesday.

I should be asleep now, it is one, but every time I start to nod off another child wakes me up. 

(We are on day nine folks. Nine days of this stomach bug from hell.) 

So instead of sleeping I am going to lie here wide awake and tell you about my dream, real quick. Well, it was sort of a dream.

I slept restlessly last night too. (It’s just been that kind of week.) But instead of a child waking me it was leg cramps. (The likes of which I can only compare to the muscle pain I experienced after running my full marathon six years ago.) I haven’t been doing any running recently so I cannot understand where they may have come from…

What I did understand, however, every time I was awakened last night, were these two words:




Some version of those two words played on repeat, loudly, clearly, incessantly, every time I woke last night.

Build bridges.

Building bridges.

Bridge builder.

You know that scene in the movie where the main character realizes something or figures something out? The scene where moments from all the previous scenes flash on screen in quick succession to illustrate all of the memories that are flooding him as something dawns on him?

That was my day today.

I have so much more to share about this crazy day and last night’s crazy night. 

Maybe tomorrow? Though let’s not plan on it. Cuz we know how that goes.


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