If the foundation is gratitude. If that is the beginning and the end. 

What does that change? 

What choices does that make? 

What direction does that take us?

If there is no pressure for performance, if health, both mental and physical, is the only motivator. 

If disciplines are practiced, not out of guilt. Not even because we have to. Because we can.

The only thing they need from us is more time and more heart. That is all. Where does that put us?

Gratitude and connection. Letting go of everything else. 

What if every decision, every moment, every day is run through the filter of gratitude. What does life look like? 

How does the morning start? 

How does the day end? 

Where does that take us? 

Where does that leave us? 

What do we keep? 

What do we let go of? 

Who do we keep close? 

My filter is most often success, perfection, obligation. Driven by guilt and fear. 

What if I were only driven by inspiration? 

Filled up by gratitude, motivated by inspiration. 

What does life look like?

*inspired by a journal entry I wrote in October of 2015 while reading and meditating on the book One Thousand Gifts


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