Food for Thought (Week 1)

I plan to be more intentional with my media consumption in 2017. (As I also mentioned here.) And I’d like to be more intentional about sharing nuggets when I find them.

I have a few friends I can always count on to send me great articles, podcasts, quotes and book recommendations. I want to pay that forward here.

I believe we perpetuate goodness when we share stories and voices that encourage us to pause and think or pause and notice or pause and revel.

I believe we incrementally, and often without noticing, become what we consume.

Here are some of the articles and podcasts I’ve consumed recently. I will update these every Wednesday. They cover a wide range of topics but the ones I share here will be the ones that have each struck a chord with me in some way.

Week One Articles:

Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think

Wars and How We Speak of Them

When Your Phone Uses You 

On Optimism and Despair

The Velveteen Mother

Week One Podcasts:

The Liturgists: Creativity (episode 1)

Common Sense with Dan Carlin: Controlling the Past (episode 281) 

I hope you will check out the links I post, share them with friends if something connects with you and comment to let me know your thoughts. Also, please let me know if you have any recommendations. I look forward to walking this road with you. 🙂


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