Be You

I love collaborating with other writers and artists. I love how writing helps us know ourselves and reading helps us know each other. In this spirit I have asked some other writers to share their words with me, with us, in this space. The following is from the heart of a friend and cousin of mine. I hope her words connect with you as they have with me.

Be You

By: Alexa C Dorris

A day in the life of….

God’s child. Justin’s wife. Brooks’ mom. Nashville native.

To you, these are just titles.

To me, these are what define “me.”

I am an ordinary girl in an ordinary world wanting to be seen as more than just how a title defines me.

I want to be seen as: real, unique, beautiful, worthy, honest, graceful, and strong.

Real: Compassionate for those around me. Committed 100% because 99% and 101% are not realistic.

Unique: Unusual. Not your “average Joe.”

Beautiful: Not as in dazzling with the latest fashion and Louis Vuitton, but as someone with a heart of gold.

Worthy: Solid confidence as strong as a pearl. Deserving of respect that I vow to give others.

Honest: Beyond what words can confess.

Graceful: Pure of love, laughter, and joy. Elegant presence to those around me.

Strong: As strong as God’s love for my family, my friends and myself.

All so much easier said than done.

I have this image of a “perfect” family where each person is bonded tightly. Something I long for to this day.


Yes, I am learning the true meaning of this six-letter word thanks to my Justin and my Brooks.

I grew up in a broken home. I was loved. I was cared for. I was fed. I was sheltered.

But…I missed something. Or did I miss someone?

I missed and still miss the feeling of value, importance and acceptance.

I want to be taken as I am and loved beyond measure.

I want to know that no matter whom I wake up as each day I am accepted as that person.

Anxiety is real. It makes you question all of these things: value, importance and acceptance.


Denying that I am not 90% introverted.

It’s funny how Myers Briggs can be so accurate and can make you step back and see truth you denied for so long.

It’s ok. It’s truly ok to not be ok. It’s ok to confess this. Scream it. Love it.

Life is a dance and you learn as you go. Sometimes you have to lead and then sometimes you have to follow.

This is ok.

I am not afraid to follow. I am not afraid to lead. However, I much rather follow.

Showing your emotions is strength, not a weakness.


Be you. I will be me. Let’s be us.

Let’s love and accept one another.

I want to be seen as: real, unique, beautiful, worthy, honest, graceful, and strong.

Who do you want to be seen as?

Alexa writes at:


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