Isn’t It Ironic

Sooo…last week I submitted my Sneaky Little Bastard story to the online community called The Mighty. And yesterday I got an email from one of their editors letting me know that they liked the story and planned to publish it!

I had been nervously anticipating a rejection email all week and could feel my heart thumping in my chest when I saw I had received an email from them. I felt disbelief then excitement then something akin to panic followed by excitement and disbelief again when I read they were publishing it.

And then I received a second email a few hours later that said this,

Turnaround is not usually this fast, but I liked your piece so much I got it up today. 

And included this:

Pretty ironic that my first story ever to be published is a story about the very thing that tells me to stay silent.

I’m sure there is some profound life lesson in that. I will let you know when I figure out what that lesson is exactly.

Feels like a step, friends. A baby step, perhaps. But a step! Just gotta keep walkin‘. Yes, indeed. Keep walkin’.


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