We had dear friends over for dinner last night. The four of us sat around our table for five hours while the kids ran wild and the messes piled up around us. It was rich and delicious and noisy.

The heart of our conversation is beating within my chest today. I wonder if I can translate it into words and draw you into this dwelling with me for a moment?

I want this blog to be more than a screen, more than a series of words strung together, more than a collection of one writer’s ideas and imaginings.

I want it to have a heartbeat. I want it to be a gathering around the table.

I don’t really know what this means yet. I don’t know how you gather souls who’s bodies dwell all over the globe.

But I see this vision and it is coming more into focus with each passing day.

I want to gather a tribe of listeners.

I think every drop of hope and healing in this entire universe is unleashed when we listen and when we are heard.

I am seeing evidence of this everywhere, every day in every person, conversation and story.

Listening may not be the answer to every question or problem. But I believe listening will lead us there every time.

What if the wisdom is already there? What if the next step will always appear? What if the love already exists?

What if all we must do is listen?

It sounds so simple. Too simple maybe. But I really think it might actually be true.

What if we could create a place where everyone who arrives is enveloped, knowing when they walk in they will be heard. No judgement. No interruption. Just open ears and open hearts, open eyes and open minds.

What if we could remove our layers knowing our core could be safely unveiled?

What if we learned to listen to our soul and the still small voice?

What if we learned how to really hear each other?

I think the ripple would be worldwide. I think it could echo through eternity.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Does it ring true? Does the idea appeal to you? Would you be interested in diving further into this? Would you want to join the tribe?

Speak to me, friends. I need to hear your voices.

So much love,


P.S. Thank you for taking the time to message me your stories and ideas about night wakings. We tried some of your ideas and Canyon slept all night last night. So grateful.


2 thoughts on “More

  1. Very good thought. Now I have this to say about that. Being a good listener would really help many people who have no voice and want to be heard. But even better would be can we be still and quiet long enough to listen to Abba so we can gain understanding and wisdom about our present situation. Being a good listener is timely but being a good listener when the Holy Spirit speaks to us will rock our world!!!!!

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