The Yearning


You mean we could truly be free?

We could wander and roam, invite adventure and awe into our every day life?

Is there any value in holding on? Is there value in obligation? Is there value in persevering when every part feels wrong?

Fight when it feels right. But should we fight when it feels wrong?

Is there even a should? What if there is only could? What if there is only would?

This is not my home. My home is my family. My home is my art. My home is my mind and my heart and my soul, my books, my stories, my dreams, my energy, my flow.

The Flow, by nature, is ever moving. Must we be nomads to stay ever in The Flow? Growing. Moving. Changing.

Chasing seventy degrees. Chasing the sun. Chasing awe. Chasing freedom.

So how do we move forward? With patience. With steadfastness.



Dwell in Love. Release what is not Love.

You serve no one by hanging on to the misery and the yuckiness. No one. Not yourself, not your husband, not your children, not your friends or family or strangers on the street.

Remember those who have loved and supported you well. Remember those who have inspired you.

Step into The Flow. You have seen it. You have known it. You have felt it and it is good.

Make your offering.

The offering is more important than staying hidden and unseen and safe and quiet. Strip off the layers.

Step into The Light.

The darkness is not your home. Love lives in The Light. You belong in The Light.

Be open to the next step. Embrace the yearning, the wanting. Let it carry you forth.

Leave the darkness behind.

Step into The Light.





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