I just can’t believe that we are the only ones who know what we are talking about. This tiny little group of people in this tiny little corner of the world.

I can believe in a Higher Power. I can believe there are things outside of me that I don’t fully see or know or understand.

I can believe that the Bible is man’s attempt at telling the stories of that Higher Power.

I can believe that a man named Jesus really did exist and that his life and story were so compelling they have been passed down through generations.

And I can believe wholeheartedly in Love. Love above all the rest because I have seen its power with my own eyes, felt it with my own skin.

I believe in the Still Small Voice. We all have one. Some call it the Holy Spirit. Some call it a Conscience. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, it is there all the same and often we stay too loud and busy to really pay attention to it anyway. But it is always there and it always leads true North.

If we want to believe a whole long complicated list of things for ourselves about what is right and what is wrong and what is true and what really happened in the garden all those years ago, then we can and we should and we should thank God for the freedom to do so.

But it will never work to force those beliefs onto others. It never has and it never will and how dare we be so arrogant.

If what we believe is good and right and true, people will catch wind and they will be drawn, like moths to a flame, because we humans, we are drawn to the light.

One benefit of travel, one benefit of nature is remembering how small we are. We humans are small. And folks, our religion here in the Bible Belt is small too.

And as long as we stay here arguing about this and that and insisting we know while every. body. else. in this great big wide world doesn’t, the world is going to find us less and less relevant until our voices disappear completely.

So if you are one of those who believes in your religion unwaveringly and with all your heart, keep believing. Let it nourish you and give you comfort, keep you pure and call you to righteousness. The world needs that. The world needs you.

But know that it is not your religion that will call people Home. It will never be your religion forced onto an unreligious world that leads people to a Creator and quiets people so they can hear their Still Small Voice.

Only Love can do that. Only Light can do that.

If we live Light and share Love and keep it ever that simple, then and only then will we find North, then and only then, will we draw each other Home.


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