Somewhere within who I am now is a better version of me. A wiser, kinder person. A more gracious and grateful and generous person.

I am sure of this because I have seen the waters move. I have felt the rush of the cool, clean, life-giving water wash over me. The water was stagnant for so long. Death broke the dam and life came pouring back in.

There is more work to do, more room to grow, more grace to receive. More grace to share. There is wonder and awe and a fullness.

My bare feet pad a verdant and velvety ground and each step reveals a clearer view of the majestic landscape. It is uncovered step by step, moment by moment. The fog lifts. My footsteps round the bend. Just take that next step. Keep your face raised to the light.

I have been a slave to expectation for so long. Too long.

Expectation. Authenticity. Can you serve one and stay true to the other? Where does the road of expectation lead? Where does the road of authenticity take you?

There is rebellion. And there is freedom. The rebellion is a running away. The freedom is the running toward.

The hustle and bustle steals the energy, the time, the joy. Β It does not leave room for surrender.

Only in the silence can we hear.

In the stillness that follows the storm we bloom.


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