The New Dream (Camelot Part 2)

If the land of dreams were a forest, mine would have three trees.
A family tree, a learning tree and a writing tree.

I want to experience quality time with my loved ones.

I want to learn.

I want to write things worth reading.

A family tree, a learning tree and a writing tree.

Until recently I thought my forest had many trees. In writing this I realize that there are really only three. Each has many branches. But there are only three trunks, only three actual trees. Perhaps it was in the maturing that only three remain. Perhaps there were always three and I have only just learned their names.

When you view these trees from a distance, where only their outline and a vague suggestion of color can be seen, they look simple, one dimensional, amorphous even.Β 

Survival mode keeps our trees at a distance. Or maybe it just gives us blinders that make them difficult to see.

We have been in survival mode for a good long while now. The birth of four babies and three businesses and a few other, less life-altering things have kept us there.

But something happened last fall. Our baby turned two. And I made my first leap back out of survival mode.

That leap was inevitably followed by a closer inspection of my forest, and an effort to name my trees.

Β And today I believe I have.

Sometimes I fall into the trap of believing that I don’t deserve any trees or that my trees are silly or that I am incapable of keeping them alive or making them grow. In fact I have even gone through seasons where I tried to destroy my trees because it sounded easier not to have any.

But now I see that they will always remain. Whether I acknowledge them or not. Whether I choose to water them or not. I hope going forward I can be as kind to myself as I would be to my children, were they to tell their dreams to me.

I am excited to write more about my trees. I look forward to writing about their branches and what I have been using to water them. Things like Montana and minimalism and writing projects and Big Magic and moving to a new house. Exciting things. Things of which dreams are made.

I hope in the writing I am able to keep them alive, able to see them more clearly, able to name each branch.

And I hope in the sharing of my trees, you are better able to see and name your own.

Let’s name our trees together. Together we can create this forest. Together we can enjoy it’s beauty.

I cannot think of a more beautiful place than a forest of dreams. May we create a world in which that forest can grow.


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