I wonder how much of our anxiety stems from our desire for control, our belief that we in fact have control. Control over other people, control of situations, control of the future.

When I stop to consider my own anxiety, when do I notice it creeping up the most?

-When my children “misbehave”.

– When a situation or person does not meet my expectation.

-When I consider the future and realize it is an unknown and when I let my mind wander to the many possibilities of tragedy or hardship I could endure.

In each of these situations I have “lost” control.

But what if…

What if instead of grooming our inner control freak, instead of feeding and watering and giving it the type of attention it needs to grow…

What if we chose surrender? Not to defeat, not in hopelessness, but for the sake of peace.

And what if dwelling in peace allowed us to cultivate characteristics that made us people of influence?

Imagine our homes if we surrendered control, dwelled in peace and gained the energy it takes to become a force of influence. Imagine if we used that influence to inspire goodness and grace, productivity and creativity.

I am not so confident to believe I can change the world. But I know with absolute confidence that I have the ability to change my home.

My desire for 2016 is to surrender, to dwell in peace and to influence myself, my family and those around us for good, for grace, for productivity and creativity.

Is control going to lead me where I want to go? It never has before. And I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t this year either.

But surrender. Surrender has always led me to freedom and freedom to peace and peace to goodness.

What direction are you headed in 2016? Maybe we can try surrender together.





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