To Live Like We Are Dying

Last night I stayed up waaay too late reading the blog written by Rory Feek. I found his words, his stories, their story, though tragic, to be beautiful. And true. And as all good blogs do, his blog inspired. Inspired me to write today. And to live today. (Funny how love and live share all but one letter…) I fell asleep thinking about Joey and Rory. And I woke up thinking…

If I were dying, how would I be living? Not to be morbid, just to consider, and reconsider maybe. If I were to live with true awareness that time is precious and my days are numbered, how would I spend my days? After all, we are all dying. But how many of us are really living?

I am learning so much in my ripe old age of 32. I am rediscovering joy. And my fire. And finally finally understanding that joy truly does come from within. And that living a life of grace and gratitude is living a life without regret.

How would you spend your time? Here are a few ways I would spend mine:

I would…

…read more books. And watch less TV.


…visit Alaska with my family.

…make more of an effort to answer all…or at least most…of my childrens’ questions with attention and energy. πŸ™‚ my husband with abandon, courageously, passionately.

…accept and embrace my post-babies jellybelly once and for all.

…hike every trail on my bucket list.

…eat and learn to appreciate foods that make my body feel good. Let go of the “skinny and fat” mentality completely.

…forgive quickly.

…watch the sunset.

…road trip the heck out of this magnificent country we call home.

…be kind to myself. Gentle. Gracious.

…snuggle my babies.

…put my phone down.

…get a massage. A lot of massages.

…still live within our means. But fret about money way less.

…talk to my children endlessly about what is important to me and why. Kindness. Generosity. Family. Purity. Hope. Gratitude. Heaven.

…sleep enough instead of trying to “do it all”.

…compliment more. Criticize less.

…give away our excess. After all, who has time for “stuff” when there are memories to be made?

…savor my coffee. And my music. And my wine. πŸ™‚

…decide that lattes and movies are no longer my guilty pleasures. Just pleasures.

…simplify our homeschooling. Teach my children reading, writing and arithmetic. Read to them. Teach them critical thinking, openmindedness and a love for learning and God and people. Spend the rest of our time and energy adventuring and making memories

…look at my children. See them. Hear them. Watch them play and sleep and discover. Tell them my stories. Tell them their stories. Tell them our story.

…have a screened in porch built onto our house. Or better yet move to a house in the country that already has a screened in porch. πŸ™‚ A place for my books and my coffee and our feel good foods and our schooling. A place to watch the sunset and to feel the seasons change. A place to answer those questions and have those conversations and tell those stories. A place to make the memories. The memories. The only things we take with us. The only things we leave behind.

Thinking on this all day has been good for my heart. I think I will hang this list in my kitchen or keep it tucked away in my pocket as my reminder to live each day.  Live like I am dying.


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