Castles and Cabins

One of my deepest desires as a parent is to teach my children to be grateful, to be grounded, to work hard and to give much. Basically to NOT be spoiled. It is a daily concern and a near weekly conversation between my husband and I.
How do we raise kids who appreciate what they have? Who keep material wealth in perspective? Who are not entitled?

So as the Hogwarts Castle filled our TV screen during afternoon “screen time”, and the older 3 and I had the following conversation, I found myself breathing just a little easier:

Me: Wow! Would you guys want to live there??

Canyon: Yes!

Meadow (with a wrinkled nose and a shake of her head): No. I’d rather live in a shack than a mansion.

Granite: I wouldn’t really want to live in a castle. I would want to live in a cabin. Like Hagrid’s cabin.

Me: Me too. I really like Hagrid’s cabin. I would like to live in a cabin like that.

Canyon (patting me on the knee and speaking quietly): ……Can I live in the cabin with ya’ll?

Me: Oh yes, we would want you to live with us too.

It was a brief conversation, the moment passed quietly, but it made my heart swell and my confidence in our efforts increase ever so slightly.

And then we went to Target where the 3 year old asked for every toy he touched and cried and cried that he couldn’t have all of the Legos.

So I suppose there is some work to do still. πŸ˜‰


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